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First DCB club from the new Federal states

Why play one ‘exotic’ type of sport in Germany when you can play four?

With the formation of the Schwerin BoЯeln, Boule, Croquet and Cricket club (SBBCCC) Schwerin, situated between Hamburg and Berlin in Meckelenburg- Vorpommern, has a club which seeks to introduce four such sports to the Schwerin public. As far as cricket is concerned this new club means that cricket is now played in 11 of the 16 German federal states, so that it is now far from being in the ‘unknown’ category of sport.

The founder of the club is Detlef Mai, who has said that he read the laws of cricket through 50 times – no mean achievement – and then started with others to play with equipment borrowed from a helpful German club. In the meantime they have their own equipment.

Important for cricket development is that the club went straight into youth cricket and at the beginning of July sent a team to Hamburg to play in the Northern section of the newly- formed German junior league. There they met teams from Berlin, Hamburg and Buxtehude. A photo of the Schwerin youth team can be seen on the DCB website (www.cricket.de)

In addition to the pioneering youth team, within a short time they have also formed a senior team which will play ‘friendlies’ this season and then gear itself up for entry into the North German Cricket Association league next season.

And in case you are wondering what BoЯeln is, it is a traditional bowling game from Friesland, Germany, where two teams of from 2-10 players roll a ball (weight about 1 kg) over a set distance (1-4) km along a road. The winner is the team that covers the distance with the fewest attempts, the team members starting to bowl from where the last player’s ball stopped.

Anyway, back to cricket &ellip;