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3rd European Championships 2000

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France Squad

Simon Hewitt (captain)
Right Hand Bat, Right Medium
91 caps since 1989, 89 as captain. 2085 runs at 31,1. highest 162. 114 wickets at 16.5, best 4-18. 39 catches. Age 38. Long-serving skipper who became France's Director of Cricket in 1998.
Carl Igolen-Robinson
Pays Basque
Wicketkeeper & Right Hand Bat
14 caps since 1998. 280 runs at 31.1 (highest 109). 11 catches. Age 27. Spritely keeper-batsman who looks uncannily like Zinedine Zidane.
Guy Brumant
Paris Université
Senior Pro. Right hand bat, RS. 68 caps since 1989. 551 runs at 14.6 (highest 42). 74 wkts at 26.3 (best 4-40). 21 catches. Age 39. Veteran offspinner with a calypso outlook, who serves as Cricket Development Officer in his native Guadeloupe.
Nigel Jones
Right hand bat, Right Medium (reserve WK). 52 caps since 1993. 1060 runs at 28.7 (highest 100*). 36 wkts at 21.0 (BB 6-18). 28 catches. Age 35. Cricketer Comes Home: the Stirling-born all-rounder emigrated to France in 1989.
David Bordes
Left hand bat. 39 caps since 1995. 217 runs at 10.3 (highest 62). 12 catches. Age 25. Doughty left-hander whose winning 'head-bye' helped France's 1997 ECF Final v Germany be chosen as one of Wisden's 'Games Of The Century.'
Sujeewa Mahavidanage
Right hand bat, right arm slow. 24 caps since 1998. 414 runs at 19.7 (highest 141). 32 wkts at 21.9 (best 5-38). 10 catches. Age 33. Pinch-hitting offspinner with a penchant for curry-making and physiotherapy.
Georges James
Right hand bat. 18 caps since 1997. 470 runs at 31.3 (highest 73). 6 catches. Age 22. Truculent French-born opener with fine technique. Just back from a university 'year out' in Cuba.
Paul Wakefield
Chateau de Thoiry
Left hand bat, right arm slow. 16 caps since 1996. 455 runs at 35.0 (highest 112). 12 wkts at 26.9 (best 3-23). 12 catches. Age 43. Classy opener and slip-fielder who played for Cheshire before moving to France in 1994. Also bowls loopy leggies.
Peter Alexander
Right hand bat, right arm fast. 15 caps since 1999. 156 runs at 19.5 (highest 55*). 23 wkts at 17.6 (best 3-12). 7 catches. Age 29. Skiddy opening bowler known as 'Mr Whippy'. France's Player of the Year in 1999.
Phil Martin
Right hand bat, Right Medium. 11 caps since 1998. 209 runs at 26.1 (highest 63*). 7 wkts at 45.0 (best 2-23). 5 catches. Age 37. Powerful Riviera all-rounder whose daughter Jessica has played for France Under-12s.
Sulanga Hewawalandanage
Paris Université
Right hand bat, Right Medium. 7 caps since March 2000. 120 runs at 24.0 (highest 39). 3 wkts at 45.3 (best 1-0). 1 catch. Age 16. Paris-born all-rounder with exciting potential who has already made an impact at senior level.
Pascal Culverhouse
Right hand bat, Left Medium. 4 caps since March 2000. 20 runs at 6.7 (highest 16). 5 wkts at 15.8 (best 2-2). Age 22. Noisily competitive left-arm paceman with quieter pretensions as a batsman.
Thierry Pascal
Right hand bat. 4 caps since May 2000. 134 runs at 67.0 (highest 73). 4 catches. Age 30. Languid batsman and cover-fielder with experience of grass wickets from England's Surrey League.
David Holt
Right hand bat, Right Medium. Uncapped. Age 18. Elegant young batsman who has appeared for Middlesex IIs. His mother is the first Frenchwoman to possess an ECB Level I coaching certificate.
Coach: Bobby Parks, former Hampshire keeper and son of the England Test player Jim Parks. Appointed 1999.
Manager: Didier Marchois (Chauny), National Cricket President.
Scorer: Michel Babilotte (Chauny). France's opening game v Germany will be his 50th as national scorer.
Physio: Isabelle Leboeuf. France's first lady physiotherapist, joined the squad in February.
Umpire: David Rhodes. ACU qualified.