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Munster Cricket Union Cricket Committee Report

September 2003

Attendance: Chair, Cork County, Clonmel.
Apologies: Midleton

  1. Overall the committee is more than pleased with the co-operation of all captains, secretaries, and committees over the season, with all results in for the first time. Well done to all concerned.
  2. The Senior Shield game between Limerick and Kerry was not played due to the precedence of the Senior Cup Semi Final. As there are no dates left on which to play the match it was agreed to treat it as void. As a result of Kerry№s withdrawal from the shield the committee will have to decide whether this match should be awarded to Limerick, or allowed to remain the same. The committee decided to leave it as void.
  3. The committee discussed in general the overall poor sportsmanship in Division 2. This has become a problem over the past number of years, and all clubs have been more or less at fault. The committee agreed that the main cause of the problem is the lack of official umpires at these games. The committee proposes that from Season 2004 each club will be required to provide a Њhome№ umpire, who will be obliged to join the Munster Umpires Association, and be appointed officially to games in Division 1, Senior Cup, Division 2 & Junior Cup. It is a requirement that such appointment is a former player (with 1 alternate) who knows the Laws of the game. Otherwise entry to the competitions will be refused.
  4. It was agreed that the Captains are reminded that they are required to have a copy of the Competition Regulations at their matches, for use in the event of a dispute.
  5. The problem of starring continues. The committee was somewhat of the opinion that we might consider re-introducing a Division 1 Division 2 starring. The suggested figure is 4.
  6. The proposal for the Draw was put forward to the Executive with no recommendation either way.
  7. County Galway will be allowed into Division 2 next year provided that they are aware that if they fail to fulfil a fixture, they are deemed to have withdrawn as per the Competition Regulations.
  8. The committee is firmly of the belief that a club entering only 1 team in our competitions has NO LONG TERM FUTURE as the original players get older, and there is no Cricket for new and up-coming players. Waterford, Waterford Vikings, & Cork C of I all ran up against that problem in the recent past and are no longer in existence. The experience of Lismore 2 this year should give encouragement to clubs to enter a second team, and as we have proved time and time again the Union is always willing to amend the league structure to take this into account. Put it another way if you have 40 players on your books then once you have picked the first team that leaves 28 players with nothing to do. What is the point in them being members of your club?
  9. All Clubs are required to send in their averages for the 2003 season now, in EXCEL 95 Format if possible. If your club already has someone who does the averages then ask them to send them in to me either by email or post.