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Date: 4/2/2005
Author: John Friel
I'll just through in another few names for the wicket keepers role:

Dara Armstrong, Gerard Brophy, Michael Lax - any thoughts?
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: Adrian McCoubrey

From what i see from the training sessions so far is that Jeremey is doing a lot of work on his wicketkeeping. maybe he is being groomed to replace Nialler when he isnt available. if Jeremy can keep as well, its another boost for an already strong starting eleven. Sad to see Bushey pulling out, he is a top bloke and bloody good wicketkeeper at that!
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: barry scott
thats what the youth need mclaughlin, more encourement from older people in the north west!!!! by the way im only 18!!! and that was my second year playing senior cricket!!!
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: jonathan heywood (jun)
wo ho!!!! malachy porter in contention for the irish wicket keeping spot! Bout time really!!! He's turned many a game for us in the past!!! Barry he lives outside Lifford! Tell Adrian Birrell to ring Fox Lodge Cricket Club for his phone number when he needs it!
Thats good bout Sion though. hate to see clubs folding especially in the North West. Only jokin Barry Scott Boy lol
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: Barry Chambers

Irish Wicket Keeping Crisis?

Just heard from Johnny Bushe that he won't be available for Irish selection this year.

He says "I have pulled out of the Irish squad and am not available for Irish selection. Unfortunately other commitments have meant I haven't been able to give the required 100% to the squad. Its a massive year this year, so to be be fair on Adi and the boys, I thought it was better to tell them now and not let them down during the summer."

With Niall O' Brien's participation looking decidedly dodgy due to his Kent commitments, who will keep for the Irish? Chance for Gary Wilson? Recall for David Cooke? I'm told Jeremy Bray can keep a bit. Not many quality candidates about.

Where does Malachy Porter live????

Date: 3/2/2005
Author: Ryan Gallagher
Great to hear about Sion. Does anyone know about a pro for them?

Ed's Note: Don't think they are getting one. See the press release on the NW site.
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: Paul Mitchell
Could it be possible for the Editor to list all the transfers he knows about for me to catch up on!?
Is there any truth that Neil Gill (Muckamore) has joined Instonians? What about Derriaghy, who have they signed to aid their almost impossible task of staying up? What about any signings from North Down and Waringstown in a bid to recapture the title?

Ed's Note: Paul, take a trawl through each of the Union sites on the main page to find out about moves. The 2 big ones in the NCU were Kyle Mc Callan to Waringstown and Ralph Coetzee to North Down, with young Andrew Haire moving the other way.
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: David Cooke
Lawrence - productivity should be a measure of a teams performance rather than an individual's. So based on that I would say Narse was most productive since Ballyspallen are in Section 1.
Those are the facts, as I see it...

Does anyone know if Narse is returning?

Good news on Sion - don't believe the M&M's will make them contenders in Sect 2 though.
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: michael mclaughlin
As with everyone else so far, i think its great that Sion has survived, but is it better to survive in their state or bow out gracefully??
I will predict the same fate as Crindle managed a few season ago, although credit to them for getting back on track again.
The Sion club is a mess as far as cricket is concerned, and its obvious Cricket isn't wanted in the Village anymore. It's no coincidence that former "great" players don't want to help, they have been driven out. Unfortunately the Club won't last the season, for all the good intentions that may have been put forward at recent meetings.
As for Barry Scotts comments, i think he should count himself lucky that he got a season of Senior experience, and now that's its gone belly up, he will join the band of "think they are good" players who will flee the club when it needs them the most. 19 years old and 3 clubs already!!!

David, you will probably find Sion has a decent Club, only its not at the ground and as for Pro's, take Bobby Rao, Sanjeev Sharma, Pathrap and Mark Harpur
not bad, just not too many interested in playing the game up there.

73 days until the league kicks off, lets have predictions for all the Major Honours

league 1 BRIGADE
Date: 3/2/2005
Author: Lawrence Moore
Excellent News about Sion.
How does that leave things at the three M's previous club though?
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