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Author Message
Date: 22/10/2004
Author: Steve Tovey
Congratulations to Niels, Eric, Trveor and Paul for being chosen to participate in the ICC Associale and Affiliiate Umpires panel.
It would be interesting to hear who were chosen from the other regions.

Good luck to you all in Malaysia.

Kindest Regards

Steve T.
Date: 6/7/2004
Author: leandro
2 Brian: Well it ould be a good idea, it was this way about 5 years ago, when Italy (mainly thanks 2 J.C. Scuderi) won the b group and played against the last in the a group (ECB XI) and won.... So the year after they decided that both Italy and England would be in the A gruop, because they were very much above the b gruop standard!
Date: 20/6/2004
Author: Cedric Puttrion
To Brian: I would prefer to see what happens at U19's level. There are 2 qualifying roups and the top two of each group goes through to the A championships and the bottom two go to the B championships. What do you think?
Date: 31/5/2004
Author: Brian
From: Brian Gailey

At present the ECC have a 2 tier youth cricket set up with "A" & "B" championships. The A championships has been fought between the same 4 teams for the past number of years. I would like to see the B championships played before the A championship and the winners play in the A championships. I know there would be various logistical problems with this but it would give a great incentive to the nations who play in the B championships not to mention developing their standards against the better nations.
Date: 7/5/2004
Author: Mike Bailey
Ireland's victory over Surrey in the C&G Trophy was a great result - I wonder if Scotland can now repeat last season's victory in the ToteSport NL today?
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